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Sioux Hudson Literacy Council’s mission is to promote and provide access to the highest quality literacy programs, services and opportunities for a diverse multi-cultural and multi-aged community primarily in Sioux Lookout and Hudson, but Ontario at large as well.

We are community-based, using an educational approach which is client-centred and holistic in nature. We use flexible learning programs which incorporate our clients’ wants, needs, abilities and cultural traditions. Empowerment of clients is the cornerstone of our program planning and development.

The Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council is a non-profit Literacy and Basic Skills organization funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development. We operate the Sioux Lookout Learning Centre and the Good Learning Anywhere eChannel distance delivery program. We have been serving learners in this region since 1993.

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Upgrade the computers!

Our last technology grant was five years ago and our computers and their primary peripherals (keyboards & mice) are starting to show their age. We have ten all-in-one computers in Sioux Lookout and another six in Hudson we’d like to replace. In order to future-proof our equipment for another five years, we’d like to purchase appropriate models. Our target is $20,000.00.

Upgrade the computers!
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Support Ojibway Free Park Day & Barbecue

Every year for the past four years, we have opened up Ojibway Provincial Park for free, ran games, and also gave a free barbecue. We are looking for help to cover the costs of providing the food, games, transportation, and employee costs. Community Living Dryden-Sioux Lookout (C.L.D.S.L.) has teamed up with the Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council (S.H.L.C.) to provide a free day and barbecue to get the local communities into Ojibway Provincial Park for an admission-free day of food at the pavillion, fun at the beach, and sun on the lake. We sure could use your help next time around.

Attendance has been steadily growing over the years. With plently of advertising and free transportation in the first year, we counted it as a success despite low attendance. Having it on a weekday, we figured everyone was working. In the following years, we continued to have it on weekdays and attendance grew, despite the absence of transportation and lowered promotion. Two years ago we starting holding the free barbecue on a Saturday, and the change in day wasn’t a factor for attendance numbers. This past year was very successful, only advertising in the local paper once, giving notice on a regional radio station, and two facebook announcements from each organization. It coincided with Canada’s Parks Day.

A typical Free Park Day includes:

  • free admission into Ojibway park,
  • free lunch at the barbecue,
  • organized games by summer students and volunteers,
  • and free access to lake equipment.

The kayaks, canoes, and two person paddle boats are popular, as are the volleyball court and water balloon games. There are two very nice walking trails in the woods to an island which is accessible by a wooden bridge. You can see people walking across from the bridge and if you yell “hello” loud enough and wave, you’ll get a wave back. Staff also get to enjoy the barbecue, lake and games, taking turns at the grill and socializing among guests. The finance guy for S.H.L.C. even took his grilling break on the lake in a canoe, falling in at the shore when he was getting out because his leg fell asleep from sitting on it. The summer students have always had a blast, gaining experience in a leadership role for a community event, and getting to play at the same time.

This past year, C.L.D.S.L. clients attended the Ojibway Park free day, coming from both Sioux Lookout and Dryden this year. They were a happy and animated group, numbering almost 60, mixing with the local community members in the light rain, then the sun. You can also donate to Community Living Dryden-Sioux Lookout.

SHLC budget for Free Park Day

  • Costs of $1,348.00 for staff attendance.
  • Food $600.00
  • Games $50.00
  • Promotion and advertising $650.00 for one ad in the local paper for three weeks.

$2648.00 Total attributable cost for Ojibway Free Park Day by SHLC. Any extra proceeds will be kept for future events or wishlist items.

Free Park Day Wishlist

  • Bringing back free transportation, estimated at $550.00 per long bus, $250.00 for Handi-Transit, and $140.00 per driver cost for the day. Lower cost buses and volunteers will be sought out before upgrading transportation methods.
  • Entertainment: scalable from balloon and face painting artists (Volunteers, or $75 per artist), to open mic ($150.00 sound equipment rental) and live performances (Invites to local artists and groups to perform for free, or to professional entertainers like bands, theatre troupes, or comedians/ennes – Up to their respective fees.)

Ojibway Park free day and barbecue
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