How Do You Get Help?


Step 1

Drop into one of our Learning Centre. Or call us at (866) 550-0697 and make an appointment. Evenings and weekend appointments may be available in Sioux Lookout.

Step 2

During your appointment, we will help assess your:

  • Goals
  • Academic skills and needs
  • Interests
  • Learning styles

Step 3

During the meeting, your personalized learning plan will be developed.

Step 4

Based on your learning plan, you may be offered the opportunity to work  one-to-one with an instructor or you may be invited to join a group to begin your learning program with SHLC.

Step 5

Some of your needs may be best served by the Good Learning Anywhere online distance learning program.

Step 6

As a SHLC Learner you will have people that will walk with you in your learning process to provide motivation, support and feedback on your progress.


Student Writing Example