Guest Speaker: Georgina Williams

  • 10:30 AM

Georgina Williams is a self-taught writer who lives in the Kenora area. She is also a recent recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her inspiring autobiographical series.

Kenora Rainy River MPP Sarah Campbell nominated Williams for the award for “being an inspiration to many who have faced very difficult experiences in their life. Georgina shows by example that you can live your life despite these challenges. Hers is a very impactful story of positive life transformation”.

Georgina has faced many traumatic experiences in her life and she works hard each day to overcome the past. She has been able to overcome institutional violence, drugs, prostitution, accusations of attempted murder, depression, sexual and mental abuse. Her story is about inspiration, determination, perseverance and hope.

Having gone through all this in her life, Georgina has a gift to share – writing. Georgina does not have any formal education as she was denied education at the institution she grew up in. However, her love for reading is what has helped her become a writer.

In fact, Georgina has written 4 books: Delcina’s Tears, Rehearsals in Madness, Beyond the Walls and Whispering Wildfire. Delcina’s Tears and Beyond the Walls have become known in Canada as “The Residential School Survivor’s Handbook.” There have been more than 3500 copies of these books sold and many universities across Canada are including her series in their courses. Georgina is also writing a fifth book that will be available very soon.

Georgina Williams is great example for those who struggle with the past and have hope for the future.

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