Your Vote in Ontario MattersOn October 6th, 2011, Ontario will be having a provincial election to either re-elect the Liberal Party of Ontario or elect a new party and leader for Ontario. Good Learning Anywhere is offering a 2 hour LIVE Centra course, on Monday October 3rd at 10:30 am EST,  for learners interested in learning about voting in the upcoming provincial election.

The course is not going to be a political debate. It will focus on the importance of voting in Ontario. Questions that will be covered in this 2 hour course are:  What is an election?  Why is it important to vote?  What is the history of Aboriginal voters in Ontario?  Who can vote?  Where do people vote?  How do people vote?  What impact does my vote have?   Tasks will include:

1. Use the the Elections Ontario website to find and identify your electoral district
2. Read and understand voter card so you know where and when to vote
3. Find and list the MPP candidates in your electoral district

If you are interested in participating in this course, please register online at or call the office at 866-550-0697.  If you have any questions please email Warren –