Sioux Hudson Literacy Council and Good Learning Anywhere are asking all of our Friends on Facebook to participate in a fun Photo Challenge for the month of June.

When: June 1 to June 30

Where: GLA Facebook Page

For each day of the month, we are going to provide a word/phrase or theme of the day (see below).  We would like you to take a photo for each topic and then post it on our Facebook Event page.  This will be a fun way to practice our digital skills and also share our creative sides.

You will need access to a camera and and a Facebook account to participate.  If you don’t have a Facebook account you can email your pictures to and we can add them for you.

We are hoping that all learners, instructors, literacy programs and other literacy supporters will join us.

  1. Self Portrait 
  2. BBQ 
  3. Patterns 
  4. Your Community 
  5. Shadows 
  6. Flowers
  7. Something You’re Reading 
  8. Your Shoes! 
  9. Clouds 
  10. Think BIG!!!! 
  11. Think small
  12. Signs 
  13. Friendship 
  14. Charity Event 
  15. Something Purple 
  16. Summer Getaway
  17. Father’s Day 
  18. Water 
  19. Working Hard 
  20. Graduation 
  21. Canada’s Aboriginal people 
  22. Your Home 
  23. Heroes 
  24. Beat the Heat 
  25. Hands of Loved One 
  26. Animals 
  27. Summer Fruit 
  28. School’s Out! 
  29. Summer Fun 
  30. Laughter