Sioux Hudson Literacy Council (SHLC) and the Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) project recently opened 2 Moodle courses in February 2011 – Essential Skills Investigation and Canadian History. Moodle is an independent online platform where learners can take online course at their own pace according to their own schedule. Moodle courses assist in developing independent learning skills for Native stream adult learners.

There is not a LIVE instructor in Moodle courses as there are with e-Channel Centra courses that learners are most familiar with.  Warren Butler was assigned as the Moodle mentor to assist learners in getting logged in, answering questions, responding to posts, providing feedback, providing activities, resources and keeping learners motivated.  In the 2 courses, there were 46 learners registered with a 76% participation rate.

GLA recognizes that Native stream adult literacy learners can learn in different ways.  Some learners are intuitive (visual), while others are emotional and relate to discussions, some are mental learners who are objective and logical and some are physical learners who are hands on.  The Moodle course addressed these needs in a balanced format that brought learners full circle in their learning experience.

The courses included several activities and resources such as: discussion forums, YouTube videos, writing assignments, traditional style quizzes, cartoons, pictures, word searches, screen cast presentations, videos, matching games, surveys, documents for download, using databases and a self-direction and self-management activity for learners to create their own Tree of Life.

These 2 courses are finishing up in the end of March 2011.  The results have been fantastic.  Learners are forming their own opinions and discussions within the courses.  Learners are networking and commenting on each other’s posts.  Learners have shared personal hobbies that reflect the application of Essential Skills.  They have identified which skills they need to continuously improve upon.  They are learning how to share resources among each other to enhance their learning experience.  They are supporting and communicating with each other.  Learners have successfully adapted what they have learned to other aspects in their life at home, work and school.

GLA also realizes that Moodle is not for every learner.  These courses are designed for the adult learner who wants to explore independent learning and acquire the skills to do so.  We also encourage learners to try a Moodle course and see for themselves what it’s all about.

A big thank you needs to go to Nancy Friday and the team at AlphaPlus.  Many of the GLA staff has participated in the Moodle training offered by AlphaPlus.  We certainly would not have been able to put this together without their assistance, guidance and encouragement.  Due to the success of these courses, GLA has future plans to incorporate more Moodle courses in to the GLA curriculum.  Stay tuned!