2011 will be our 2nd year participating in the Movember campaign.  We are excited to participate this year and we encourage all learners, practitioners, administrators and supporters of literacy to join us in this campaign to promote health literacy.

Our team name is Good Mo’s Anywhere which is a play on words of our online literacy program called Good Learning Anywhere.  Our objective with this campaign is to raise awareness for health literacy.

Everyone will agree, for the most part, that most men have a different perspective on health than women do.  Men typically don’t talk about health issues, discuss problems with their doctor, or book annual physicals.  As a result, the life expectancy of a male is 5 years less than a female in Canada (77 years old compared to 82 years old).  Click here to read the facts on men’s health.

Movember is a great opportunity for all members of the literacy community to come together and support health literacy.  It was interesting to be a part of this campaign last year because the Mo gets a lot of attention and several people came up to me to ask what the moustache was all about.

For the guys, we are asking them to grow a Mo (short for moustache) for the month of November and share in the discussion what health literacy means to you.  Here are the rules in greater detail.

For the ladies (aka Sistas), please don’t grow a Mo but support your Bros any way you can. You can support the team by recruiting Bros – husbands, brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles….everyone is free to join the team.

Through the month, we’ll be posting blogs regarding health literacy, posting updates on Twitter, sharing some photos of the Mo’s, and having a lot of fun at the same time.  And we encourage you to do the same…join the conversation and talk about annual physicals, living a healthy lifestyle, healthy diets, and knowing your family’s health history.

If you’re interested, please join our team and help support the Mo Bros.  Note: Donations to Prostate Cancer Canada are appreciated but not mandatory and completely optional.