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Learning and feeding the hungry.

We’ve all heard these at one time: “there are starving people somewhere, who’d love to eat this food,” and “reading is the imagination’s passport to the world.” One website owned by the United Nations World Food Programmed called is helping on both fronts: The website is a website with learning games, and for…

Modifying habits.

There are many strategies for changing your habits; stopping, starting, replacement, reduction, increasing, and piggy-backing, and I’d like to give you many small pieces of advice to keep your strategy from failing. Strive for progress, not perfection. Doing it completely right, every time, all the time isn’t possible. Remember that it’s okay to fail. But…


Motivation is easy to come by: you want stuff, you want to do things, you need to do a lot of stuff, and need things. But motivation is also easy to lose: you get tired, you get frustrated, things aren’t going well around you, or maybe you’re not feeling well emotionally, physically, or even spiritually….