Good Learning Anywhere is pleased to announce that John Sebben is our December Learner of the Month!

Upon receiving notification that John won this award, his mentor Julie, asked him a few questions about his learning journey.


What advice do you have for someone thinking about upgrading their skills?

If you are thinking about it, that is the first and important step. A course or subject has piqued your interest, now just take it.  The other thing you must decide is to be committed, meaning make the time and give yourself a chance, do not be so hard on yourself, have an open mind and you will find it was not as hard as you thought.  You will be surprised on what you can and will learn.  Maybe not that particular day or that week will it sink in but it will.  Just BE POSITIVE even though sometimes you feel like giving up.


How did you start? Did you face struggles?

I attended an information session presented by Contact North.  The presenter provided information for a wide range of online programs and courses, from Ontario public colleges, universities, high school, literacy and basic skills.  The presenter also provided information about free online training in a wide range of subjects including money management, creative writing, basic computer functions, math, science, spelling, grammar and surfing the net for beginners.

One key feature she mentioned was also Oasis Skills Building which will enable you to obtain certification in a wide variety of subjects.

Struggles – To be honest – “here we go again I thought, attending an information session, this was all nice and good.”  Now what was I going to do?  Was I going to take advantage of these free courses or just ignore them?  Where was I going to find the time or make the time?  The answer was easy this time, committed this far, what did I have to lose, at least take that first step, try it and go from there.  I started with a course that piqued my interest, took it and then at that time decided to continue to take further courses.  Why more?  I was learning things, found it easier to make the time because I was rewarding myself and the best part they were FREE.

What is your greatest achievement?

I guess my greatest achievement would be my two sons, seeing how they have develop over the years and become their own individuals.  Continue to believe in yourself even through those days/times when nothing is going the way you think it should.


What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to complete my Excel course through the Learning Hub, continue to take courses/programs through Good Learning Anywhere.  Also to take the online course – Microsoft Office Course through the Oasis Skill Building Program courses that I have registered for.  To find a way to get back into what I’m good at, a management position where I’m dealing with employees as well as customers.

On behalf of Sioux Hudson Literacy Council and Good Learning Anywhere, we congratulate John and wish him continued success towards achieving his goals.