Good Learning Anywhere is pleased to announce that Tina Roit is our September Learner of the Month!

Upon receiving notification that Tina won this award, her mentor Julie, asked her the following questions.  Here was her reply in her own words.

1.       What advice do you have for someone thinking about upgrading their skills? 

2.       How did you start? Did you face struggles?

3.       What is your greatest achievement?

4.       What are you goals for the future?

My advice to anyone who want to upgrade their education, and doesn’t know where to start or if they think it is at all possible. Stay positive and committed to yours goals and you will achieve them.

I started in 2006. I was recovering from a motor vehicle accident that happened in 2004. During that time and for several years after I was having mini strokes and seizures. I basically had to be taught to talk and walk again. My therapist at the time suggested taking correspondence courses to get my grade 12 education. I needed four credits to achieve this. It took me six years. I can happily say that I graduated in June 2012. I regained most of my speech impairments although I still struggle will larger words and forming sentences. I gained confidence in myself, most of my family members did not believe me about my stroke and seizure attacks and they thought I was faking my other impairments. With the strength of my husband and my flower gardens I healed. I have continued with more education from Good Learning Anywhere, taking other various courses and in these courses I have gained even more strength in my ability to concentrate, my short term memory, writing skills, and problem solving abilities have greatly improved with your help and patience.

My goals, I applied and was excepted to Fanshawe College to enroll in a bookkeeping course. In taking this course I hope to gain employment in a career, that will not only help me with my other disabilities from my car accident but will put me back full-time into the workforce since my car accident in 2004.

Thanks again Julie for all the help you and the other teachers have given me on my road to recovery!


Congratulations Tina!  You are a true inspiration and motivator for all lifelong learners.