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Good Learning Anywhere

If you haven’t heard, we run this program online for all Ontarians in addition to our local Literacy and Basic Skills in Sioux Lookout. Good Learning Anywhere provides free online distance learning opportunities for adult learners in Ontario to assist them in upgrading their reading, writing, math, computer and other Essential Skills. If you would like to read about the courses, here’s the catalogue, then if you want to take a course, it’s free to register.

Course Buffet

Find free online courses from 200+ universities. Go see what you’d like to learn about, then come back here and build your skills to achieve your goals!

Holidays and Observances

Holidays and observances

May 23, 2016, Victoria Day, Sioux-Hudson Literacy Council and Good Learning Anywhere will be closed.

Victoria Day is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday.

The birthday of Queen Victoria was a day for celebration in Canada long before Confederation, with the first legislation regarding the event being in 1845 passed by the parliament of the Province of Canada to officially recognize May 24 as the Queen’s birthday. It was noted that on that date in 1854, the 35th birthday of Queen Victoria, some 5,000 residents of Canada West gathered in front of Government House to “give cheers to their queen.” Following the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, May 24 was made by law to be known as Victoria Day, a date to remember the late queen, who was deemed the “Mother of Confederation”.

Quebec celebrates National Patriot’s Day instead of Victoria Day. National Patriots’ Day is a statutory holiday observed annually in the Canadian province of Quebec, on the Monday preceding 25 of May. The holiday was instated by the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec-in-Council in 2003, according to the then Premier of Quebec Bernard Landry: “to underline the importance of the struggle of the patriots of 1837–1838 for the national recognition of our people, for its political liberty and to obtain a democratic system of government.” Before 2003, the Monday preceding 25 May of each year was unofficially the Fête de Dollard, a commemoration initiated in the 1920s to coincide with Victoria Day, a federal holiday occurring annually on the same date.

Sioux Lookout usually does not hold local celebrations, instead opting to take the day off and soak up some Sun in the spring weather. David, the Finance & I.T. Team Leader, has BBQ and fishing planned this weekend. What are you doing?

Other Holidays and Observances:

  • May 1, Batman Day (Go read some graphic novels)
  • May 3, National Teacher Day (Don’t give an apple, give a thank you card. And turn in your assignments.)
  • “May the Fourth” (be with you) is Star Wars Day
  • Also, “Petite and Proud Day” (I love my short daughters lol – dtm)
  • May 8, Mother’s Day
  • May 17, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia
  • May 22, Canadian Immigrant’s Day
  • May 26, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day
  • May 28, National Hamburger Day (I know what I’m having for Supper)
  • May 29, Learn About Composting Day

May is:

  • ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease Awareness month (Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?)
  • Arthritis Awareness Month,
  • Asthma Awareness Month,
  • Community Living Month,
  • Family Reunion Month (between Mother’s and Father’s days)

First Week of May:
Be Kind To Animals Week
National Pet Week
Second Week of May:
Children’s Book Week
National Women’s Health Week
Third Week of May:
National Bike To Work Week
National Safe Boating Week
Last Week of May:
National Backyard Games Week
Healthy and Safe Swimming Week.