Last year, Good Learning Anywhere awarded two learners with awards that celebrated their achievement and leadership.  This year, we are looking for two learners that embody the spirit of our online community.

The Ivy Tabobondung Award for Leadership is awarded to the learner who has shown leadership in the GLA learning community, whether it is through online communication and classes or in their physical community.  We will also consider learners who have advocated for and supported other learners and non-learners in their goals and dreams.

Lillian Ruttan received the Award for Leadership in 2011.  A dedicated learner, Lillian embodies the spirit of leadership.  As a community member, Lillian has encouraged friends and family to try online learning.  When at the Adult Learning Line, Lillian can be depended upon to help others use the technology and take part in class.

The Lois Land Award for Achievement will be awarded to the learner who has reached or is on their way to reaching their goal, whether it is employment, further training or education.  We also will consider learners who have overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives to become successful adult learners.

Norma Lesperance was the recipient of the Award for Achievement.  Read Norma’s story.

We would like to give the GLA community a chance to nominate learners that have taken courses with Good Learning Anywhere.

If you know a learner who embodies the descriptions of the awards listed above, please submit their names in the form below by April 30th.

Submit your nominations here.