Aani, Boozhoo, Hello Everyone!

What an awesome year Good Learning Anywhere has had!  We’ve made many new friends, explored new courses and have learned a lot.

The next year promises to be filled with many more opportunities to explore distance learning.

Before we get into the Fall term, we need to say thank you to the hard working learners of 2009-10!

Throughout the year, we’ve held iPod Shuffle draws, awarded to those that completed at least one course with us.  This year alone, 114 learners have earned an iPod!  Congratulations!

We will be holding a similar draw in the 2010-11 year, so if your name wasn’t picked, take some courses in the Fall term!

Congratulations to all the hardworking learners of 2009-10!

Aaron P, Haileybury

Annie L, Marten Falls FN

Archie C, M’Chigeeng

Ashley R, Fort Frances

Bernard O, Dryden

Blandine C, Cochrane

Bonnie T, Cannington

Brandy G, Fenelon Falls

Carol C, New Liskeard

Carole P, Pfefferlaw

Carole S, Kapuskasing

Cathy R, Chatham

Cecilia M, Sioux Lookout

Charity B, Sioux Lookou

Christian Jay C, Kenora

Christina V, Wasauksing

Claudette H, Massey

Dan B, Sioux Lookout

Dan S, Sioux Lookout

Daniel M, Dunnville

David T,                Aylmer

Deanna B, Georgina Island

Debbie W, Peterborough

Denise W, Barry

Diana S, Gravenhurst

Donna E, Hornepayne

Doreen B, Fort Frances

Edna A, Fort Frances

Edna H, Sioux Lookout

Edna L, Fort Frances

Elvira C, Timmins

Elvis R, St. Thomas

Eva B, Aylmer

Ginette B, Elliot Lake

Harry F, Kenora

Harwinder S, Brampton

Henry M, M’Chigeeng

Hilda C, M’Chigeeng

Ilona D, Nipigon

Ivy T, Wasauksing

Jane Willis

Janet T, Hagersville

Jonathan P, Ste. Saint Marie

Josephine B, St. Thomas

Josephine P, Kenora

Joyce A, Kenora

Julia S, Kenora

Julie M, Sioux Lookout

Julie R, Red Lake

Karen G, M’Chigeeng

Karl T, Fort Frances

Kay V, Fort Frances

Kenny H, Hamilton

Krystle S, Sudbury

Krystyna R, Terrace Bay

Leanne B, Fort Frances

Lee Ann S,

Leo L, Timmins

Lisa D, Wallaceburg

Lisa H, Aylmer

Lisa N, Dunnville

Lois L, Sioux Lookout

Lori T, Hudson

Louise P, Dubreuilville

Marie H, Keewatin

Marlon M, M’Chigeeng

Mary Jo A, Cobalt

Mary Lou D, M’Chigeeng

Maureen N, Dorion

Maurice P, Dresden

Mel F, Dryden

Melanie F, Dryden

Melissa D, Lively

Michel D, Dokis FN

Michelle B, Hamilton

Mike K, St. Thomas

Nancy M, Wallacetown

Paddy O, Mississaugi FN

Pam S, Ear Falls

Pat J, Brampton

Pat S,

Patricia P, M’Chigeeng

Pearl M, Brampton

Piersten J, Kenora

Rae N, Cobalt

Rejean L, Iroquois Falls

Robert E, Hudson

Ron B, Nipigon

Ryan D, Mississaugi FN

Sandra M, St. Thomas

Sarah E, Dunnville

Sharon K, St. Thomas

Shelley I, Toronto

Shelley M, Keswick

Sherry O, Manilla

Sherry P, Kenora

Skylar K, Timmins

Stacey K, Thunder Bay

Stacey P, Schreiber-Terrace Bay

Stacey R, Hornepayne

Steve B, St. Thomas

Steve D, Woodville

Susan B, Sioux Lookout

Susan L, Timmins

Suzanne L, Timmins

Terry E, West Lorne

Therese E, Carlton Place

Tiffany S, White River

Tim H, Peterborough

Tina S, Alymer

Tyler H, Schreiber-Terrace Bay

Valerie M, Sioux Lookout

Zoimar M, Sudbury