Being an adult learner has its share of challenges, and this is something we recognize at Good Learning Anywhere. By providing a supportive, flexible learning environment, we try to make the transition between working adult to student as seamless as possible.  Yet, the success of our learners isn’t all because of what we do.  It’s all about the determination and attitude of the learner.

This year, our program expanded greatly, with more curriculum, more classes, and more learners.  It has also introduced us to many fascinating and wonderful people with various goals and backgrounds.

We want to celebrate that.

We asked our instructors to vote for two learners that they felt actively participated in their own learning journey and have worked hard to reach their goals.

Krystle S and Susan H drew the most votes and here are the reasons they earned iPod Shuffles:

“Has encountered many different scheduling challenges but still perseveres, takes a lot of classes, great class participation.”

“She is applying her new skills from SM/SD as she is in the process of moving.  Her confidence is growing, especially in Math.”

“She works extremely hard in every class.  She demonstrates leadership in the classroom.  Her confidence continues to improve and she is able to recognize her own weaknesses.  Her computer literacy has drastically improved – from Excel to Centra use.  She is an active participant in every class.  She communicates to me when she can’t make it to a class.  She seems willing to apply new strategies to help her reach her goals, especially from SM/SD.”

Way to go Krystle and Susan, and best of luck in reaching your learning goals!