Week 1 is over for Movember and Good Mo’s Anywhere.

It’s been an interesting week trying to grow the Mo. The first few days seemed to go well. Those days were easy. The last 3 or 4 days have been more challenging as the Mo becomes a little more itchy and it’s starting to require a little more effort to maintain.

So, after the first week, I think I have a love-hate relationship with my Mo. I love the fact that I’m growing the Mo for a good cause, Prostate Cancer Canada, and raising a lot of awareness. I hate the itchiness though. However, there are only 21 days left and I’m almost halfway there. I am curious if my Mo will come in platinum blonde (aka grey) like the hair on my head!

The Zappa

Week 1 has also been interesting because as I run into people, I am seeing that there are a lot of people out there growing the Mo. I ran into another Dad at the hockey arena and we kind of looked at each other awkwardly. And then when I ran in to him again, I had to ask if he was growing a Mo for Movember. Clearly he is.

And then I began running into others in the community growing the Mo. You certainly start getting the looks and the gentle head nod to each other, which is typical how some guys show support for each other. And then you get the females coming up to you and asking about the Mo – interesting! Some are even wandering in the streets of my community wearing t-shirts that support the Mo.


I know that there are others growing the Mo with Good Mo’s Anywhere.  I know who you are but if you would like to share a photo and/or comment on the blog, please do so.  I think everyone is curious how well your Mo is doing. 

I also want to say a special thank you to Mo Sistas at Sioux Hudson Literacy Council and Good Learning Anywhere.  Your Faux-Mo’s are priceless and with your permission, I would love to share them with all the Mo Bros out there.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement everyone.