Instructing for a year.  I put the headset on and press record.  I think “been there/done that”, nothing can surprise me anymore.


There is no sitting back and going through the motions at Good Learning Anywhere. When you least expect it, a hand will go up, a question will be asked, and the flood gates have been opened and you have yourself a discussion. In those moments you realize, with a smile, that you aren’t just talking to a computer screen!

My Introduction to Blogging course has been that kind of experience.

This course is not only based solely on the idea of self-publishing.  This course is not only about the “how-to” of blogging.  This course is about discovery: about yourself, about others, about the world.

True to the blogosphere’s diverse nature, our group is made up of elders, spiritual leaders, woodworkers, seniors advocates, artists, knitters, crocheters, moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas and we even have a
tolepainter…..had no idea what that was, but now I do:)

We created a closed blog for us to play in, a kind of sandbox.  Yesterday, we learned how to post to a blog:  They’ve taken to it like rock stars, posting insights, writing prompts, and even requesting ideas on what to blog about!  When I logged into our blog after class to see how everyone did, I never in a million years expected the wonderful responses and entries that were posted there.

Here is a glimpse into what we’ve been up to: (btw, olde thymer is still looking for ideas for her garden)

Awesome, yes?
How ’bout this little treat:
Before our third class, I asked everyone to think about what they would blog about if they created a blog today.  
I expected answers that centered around personal interests and hobbies.  
The discussion certainly started with personal interests and hobbies. It then very quickly evolved into “why don’t we have a group blog” and “I discovered this blog and I think it would be good resource for your interests”.
I sat in front of my computer clapping my hands.
THIS is what it’s about: learners taking what you’ve been talking about and running with it.
I mean, these people are not only working together in class, but they are creating connections that will transcend this four day course!
And all this from people who had “heard about blog but weren’t too sure about it”!
This is my unexpected.
little plug: Introduction to Blogging, June 1-10, 2:30-4:30 EST, register here (Ontario residents only)