Spring has arrived!…or at least it felt like that last week…and now I am watching snow flurries! But that’s what happens in Spring in Canada. You never know what kind of weather you’re going to get.

Well I can tell you what you’re going to get from Sioux Hudson Literacy Council and Good Learning Anywhere this spring! You are going to get offered a wide range of courses that meet a cross-section of needs/wants/desires/likes etc…you name it!

Technology: Are you new to online learning? Do you want to surf the net, email friends/family, socialize, and do these things safely? Have you ever wanted to journal online and learn Microsoft courses?

Self-Direction/Self-Management: Are you looking to understand change, find balance, build self-confidence, be more positive, improve self-discipline, learn how to set goals, communicate effectively, express emotions and better manage your valuable time? Does time mange you or do you manage your time?

Reading: What is fiction and non-fiction? Do you enjoy Canadian stories with a focus on native, First Nations, and Métis writers?

Pre-GED Science: How important is the environment to you? Have you ever wanted to travel to space? When was the last time you did a science project? Did you know physics is used in roller coasters? Do you want to ride the world’s fastest roller coaster?

Money Management: Do you budget to meet your goals? Do you know how? How do we get a deal? Do you have any shopping tips? Are credit cards bad or good? What is good credit and bad credit? Why do we bank on the internet? Is that really safe?

We also have many other courses on different essential skills. We have courses on mathematics, geography, history, economics, aviation, spelling, and diabetes.

We also have a very special day coming up on June 21, 2010. Can tell me what day that is? If so, I will share a little inside information on what we are doing to make it a memorable day.

If I haven’t caught your interest yet, I have done poor job using my essential skill: Communication. And if you feel these courses do not interest you, I challenge you to be flexible and keep an open mind. Maybe you will learn something new? Or maybe you can refer a friend and family member who might be interested?

Below is a link to our course calendar. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Spring 2010 Course Calendar