Hello world! This is officially my first blog!

You know when you have something in your head but never seem to be able to get it out? That’s almost how I feel about blogging. I have so much to write about which makes it difficult to try this blogging thing!

So maybe I should just start by introducing myself and write about how I see my blog working. My name is Warren Butler and I am an online practitioner for the Good Learning Anywhere program with Sioux Hudson Literacy Council. Some learners call me Mr. Warren (I love that!) but Warren works just fine with me.

I probably have one of the coolest jobs there are. Firstly, and much more importantly, I get to meet new people every day who want to learn something new. They share with me one of the best gifts in the world: LEARNING. Secondly, I have a 26 step commute to work…yes I have counted!

Going forward, I plan to share my thoughts for the week. I don’t have an agenda for the future but I hope that I can share some great learning experiences, some fun stories, what I learned this week and maybe write about some current events around adult literacy.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone!